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Monday, February 29, 2016

Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry Hits The Red Carpet At The 2016 Oscars With Actress & Fashion Writer Candy Washington

Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry is thrilled to see our Icon Necklace on the lovely Candy Washington​ last night at the Oscars. Not only is she beautiful but we are flattered this gorgeous actress and fashion writer at Actress With Style chose our piece to wear!

Get the look here:

See the piece wore by the lovely Candy Washington here!

This necklace was worn on the 2016 Oscars red carpet by actress and press/media member Candy Washington gifted to Candy by Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry through TAG at the Primetime Emmys gifting suite! 

Perfect for every day wear, gift yourself! Perfect for day or evening transition, office to event, unique bridesmaid necklace for a modern wedding, unique best friend necklace, or a gift to say I love you.

Read more about our involvement in the GBK'S EMMYS CELEBRITY GIFTING SUITE WITH THE ARTISAN GROUP here:

Find The Artisan Group on Facebook:

The Artisan Group is a Premier entertainment marketing organization dedicated to top-notch artisans who handcraft their products. AS SEEN ON TV:

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry is pleased to announce we are included in this wonderful Blog Post about our involvement with #Theartisangroup and gifting select members of the press at the GBK's Emmys Celebrity Gifting Suite!

Candy Washington ...Rayvenwoodmanor is thrilled you love our Icon necklace! Viewers may use code CANDY2015 to receive an instant 30% off entire order. xo! #Rayvenwoodmanor #etsy #etsyonsale #TheArtisanGroup #GBK #celebrityjewelry #artisan #eyecandy

You can purchase the Icon Necklace here: Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry is pleased to announce we are included in this wonderful Blog Post about our involvement with #Theartisangroup and gifting select members of the press at the GBK's Emmys Celebrity Gifting Suite!

Icon Necklace by Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry! Be Iconic!

Candy Washington ...Rayvenwoodmanor is thrilled you love our Icon necklace! Viewers may use code CANDY2015 to receive an instant 30% off entire order. xo! #Rayvenwoodmanor #etsy #etsyonsale #TheArtisanGroup #GBK #celebrityjewelry #artisan #eyecandy

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Etsians Magazine Features Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry May Issue 2015

Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry is thrilled to announce Etsians Magazine has featured our shop in the May 2015 edition available now for pre-order!

Etsians Magazine currently has its May issue ready for distribution and can be ordered at so check it out now! Featuring Etsy Artists from all over the world, this magazine is dedicated to promoting handmade works of art from various artisans along with the stories of how they became successful in the Handmade Business. 

If you are an Etsy Shop Owner join the Etsian Magazine on Facebook and submit your shop for a feature, show your wonderful amazing creations and join in the fun with this deliciously wonderful group!!

Recently when asked where did ‪#‎EtsiansMagazine‬ come from? What is Etsians Magazine? The owner Maylani Malissa Sayers published this response:

This idea came to me after I opened my own Etsy store and joined groups here on Facebook. I was really amazed on how many handmade products were really out there. I was meeting people around the world who made some pretty awesome products. I would see people, in the groups I joined, posting about their successes and/or struggles.  
I found myself questioning-- How did they come up with their products? Who or what inspired them? Did they ever feel discouraged and what made them keeping going? I was determined to find out and hear the stories behind these amazing products.  
Even though I was already running a Photography business & an Etsy shop of my own, all while being a stay-at-home mom aka mom duties, I started to think about ways I could do this. I wanted to find a way in which I could help not only the shop owners when it came to showcasing their items but also helping those who don't know about handmade items. Because honestly before I opened up my own Etsy shop, I didn't even know about handmade items and how many of them that are out there. I fell in love with the personal connection you get with the person who makes the products. How you don't have to go through the struggle of 1800 numbers or customer service/long waits when it comes to issues. Even more so on how you could have someone personalize a custom order for you.  
Finally, I thought about designing a magazine but honestly I hadn't designed one since college. I already had the skills when it comes to graphic and web design and thought to myself-- I'm going to just go for it! Its then that I brought up the idea to people I knew who were shop owners and they loved it. This one idea had people super excited about the magazine and that made me even more nervous to do it but I was determined to help spread the word about handmade items.  
Currently, my goals for Etsians Magazine is to continue to spread the word about all things handmade to people all around the world. Keep sharing all these amazing stories from the amazing people behind the products. My focus is NOT about making "money" because at the end of the day, I don't make a dime and thats okay with me.  
It warms my heart when I see/hear good feedback about Etsians Magazine--- makes the long hours worth it and honestly keeps me going, even during times when I feel a bit overwhelmed because of how hard it is to run a magazine. Even more so on why I was truly lucky to have my sister come on board to help run this magazine. We are a small team but we work our butts off so that we can continue to help spread the word. 

This spectacular publication is available in print and online so check it out now! Not only is it filled with "Must-Have" items but it is a great go to for art gallery or jewelry store owners, gift shops and one of a kind original shops to find great lines of products to stock up on! Discovering new artisans and drooling over the handmade items....cant go wrong there!

A special thank you to Mayani Malissa Sayers and Etsian Magazine for the expose on Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

50% OFF SALE at Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry

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Latest Information on where to find Rayvenwoodmanor:

Rayvenwoodmanor has said the final goodbye to Top Hatter and is moving to different venues including our long standing Etsy shop!

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We will be branching out on the internet soon starting with these great Daily Auction Deals!!! See the info below:

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Actress Stephanie Drapeau Wearing Rayvenwoodmanor's Ruby & Bronze Necklace!

The most beautiful model Rayvenwoodmanor could ever ask for...the lovely Stephanie Drapeau! She is an Actress, a Producer, a Writer and a simply down to earth, beautiful lady inside and out. She is wearing Rayvenwoodmanor's ruby and bronze necklace!  

Friday, November 22, 2013

Rayvenwoodmanor's Bijoux Necklace Featured on The Vampire Diaries 5:08

Last night on CW's hit television series The Vampire Diaries, Kat Graham who plays Bonnie on the show was seen wearing Rayvenwoodmanor's Bijoux Necklace.

Being such a lovely actress, Rayvenwoodmanor is thrilled and honored to have her wear our piece!

Bonnie's smile just radiates and brightens any room. She is simply gorgeous and Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry is so lucky to have our necklace worn by her!

~~~ This necklace can be seen here in our Etsy shop ~~~

Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry was given this wonderful opportunity to have our necklace considered for The Vampire Diaries after gifting it to the Stylist through a unique opportunity with The Artisan Group.

Other artists' work can be seen in this Season 5, Episode 8 show as well as all of the other Vampire Diaries' episodes!  Stay tuned for more information on future jewelry selected!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry Gifts Selena Gomez On Night Of Her Star Dance Tour 2013

Rayvenwoodmanor was included in an exclusive gifting from The Artisan Group to the multi-talented, actress and singer Selena Gomez.

On November 6th, 2013, she played to a sold-out crowd at the Staples Center in Los Angeles where she sang songs from her new album "Stars Dance". According to the tweets from concert-goers and celebrities alike, Selena put on an amazing show.

After the concert, Selena, her entire band and crew (75 people gifted) and special VIP guests all attended an after-party backstage where they were all gifted fantastic products from The Artisan Group (along with a few other sponsors as well). Included in this gifting was the "Star Dust" Necklace by Rayvenwoodmanornor Jewelry. The Rayvenwoodmanor "Star Dust" bracelet was sent as well to members of her entourage.

This necklace can be found here: RAYVENWOODMANOR STAR DUST NECKLACE