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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Altruistic Heroines Do Exist

While doing a simple search on Etsy I stumbled upon a shop located in Canada, had some amazing jewelry, fabulous lavender sachets, handmade cards and other terrific crafts.  When I emailed the owner to inquire if she would be interested in trading for a scarf she had listed I had no idea I would make an amazing friendship over many miles of land and sea.  

Elaine, the owner of the shop answered my inquiry and stated that she would love to trade for a pair of dragonfly earrings I had in my shop.  She explained that she and her daughter shared a love of dragonflies.  After hearing that, I went back and read Elaine's profile and discovered that a simple internet conversation can turn into so much more than just words. 

Elaine's shop is dedicated to her daughter Brynn Alexandra. Brynn was an amazing and positive thinking girl who loved all kinds of arts and crafts and planned to become a fashion designer. Everything is crafted in loving memory of Brynn. The proceeds go to her bursary (scholarship) fund, Heart Strings, so that someone may go to fashion design school or an art school program after high school graduation in memory of Brynn. According to her Mother Elaine, Brynn was always designing, crafting, drawing, painting, and writing. Sweet Brynnie, as her Mom calls her, tragically lost her life in a traffic accident in January 2007 at the very young age of 12 years old.

After finding out about Brynn, I was extremely honored to give the earrings to Elaine and I also donated several jewelry items to her cause.  When I had the honor of getting to know Elaine as a friend I realized I had met someone very special.  I cannot express how deeply I was affected not only by Elaine's tragic loss of her daughter but by her amazing drive to keep Brynn's memory alive while helping others. 

Elaine is truly a beautiful lady who I greatly admire and I am extremely privileged to know and now have a lasting connection with. She has taken a tragedy which many would never recover from, and turned it into something positive and meaningful and in my eyes Elaine is a  true altruistic heroine. 

My own son is only 18 months old and I plan to tell him one day about Elaine and Brynn because they have really touched my life.  He recently saw Shamu at Sea World for the first time and that is all he talks about.  I immediately purchased one of Brynn's cards with her drawing of Orca Whales on it and it is now in a frame in my son's room. One day I will tell him about the beautiful little girl who drew the whales.

If you shop anywhere on the internet make sure to visit Brynnalex and not only help keep Brynn's memory alive but help another child live his or her dream!

In Loving Memory of Brynn, Dec. 14, 1994 - Jan. 2, 2007 -


Christie Cottage said...

This is a wonderful post. I have something from her shop. I remember when I came upon her shop and how I sat and weeped over the loss of a child.

Elaine is a strong woman. Brynn is touching people yet today.

Thank you for posting this tribute.

Rayvenwoodmanor said...

I really have to say she is an amazing woman and I am very lucky to know her:)

42things said...

Thank you for writing about Elaine. A very heart wrenching and inspiring life story.

Trudy said...

Lainie is an amazing, amazing woman. I can not imagine in a million years the strength that she has.

Brynnie will always be the beat of her heart and the oxygen that flows through her body. The scholarship is a living testament in Brynnie's honor.

Sarah Knight said...

that's amazing & truly lovely

Rayvenwoodmanor said...

Thanks Sarah...she is a terrific lady:)

mvegan said...

Beautiful post about a wonderful story and shop in memory of an amazing little girl, I agree that its just amazing that Heart Strings carries on her memory in helping others. I also feel lucky to have "met" Elain on Etsy and to have cards listed to help.

kanishk said...

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