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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Plan 2011 With Your Favorite Etsy Shops Day Planner Diary

Rayvenwoodmanor is proud to be a part of Fantazya's Diary Project which features different Etsy Shops on each page for the whole year!  Plan your day while viewing designs created by the Etsy Shop owners and visit their websites if you are inclined to do so as the links are printed on each page!

Here is a sample of one of Rayvenwoodmanor's pages on the left side of this photograph...

Each date is designed by an Etsy shop and is printed on a quality, opaque, recycled paper. There are 2 dates in each page, 3 notes pages, 7 address pages, 12 months pages, 1 introduction pages, 1 year pages, a 2012 page, and 7 positive message design. Total: 208 pages, with 397 different designs. The cover is plain, to decorate it as you like. 
Order the Diary now by clicking the ORDER DIARY link below the picture!!

Order the diary here!  ORDER DIARY

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pirate Themed Birthday Party Done Etsy Style

Having a Pirate Themed Birthday party for your child is easy if you plan ahead and use many great items from the fabulous shops on Etsy.  Walk the plank with me through the shops on Etsy and I will show you how I did it.

On Saturday September 11th we celebrated my son's Second Birthday.  I am sharing only a handful of the fabulous Etsy shops I used with you.  As a thank you to many outstanding Etsy sellers for helping me make it a Pirate Party to is how I did it.

First I chose invitations to invite our 40 guests!

You can find the invitations, thank you cards, and candy stickers at the Party Place on Etsy. 

I ordered a custom birthday banner from Canada's great shop...the Paper Party Design Company. 

For the game gifts I found a pirate notebook from Earmarks.

A grab and go crayon holder from Toteworthy Designs.

The For The Girls Not So Pirate Bunny Clips from Mazzy7's store on Etsy.

Pirate Treasure Map Wristlet Clutch Bags were purchased from Pic Brace Shop on Etsy. 

I got a pirate hat and eye patch from Melanie Ganson.

A fabulous, well made Pirate Costume from MainstreetX.

No Pirate is complete without a Red Coat! This one was hand made and hand sewn for my son by Photo117. 

My son's little cousin got a handmade dress to wear to the Pirate Party by AngelBellCouture. You have to meet this lady she is amazing!

Part of my costume came from Velvet Renaissance.

The other part was custom made for me by Pandora's Cardboard Box.

Topping off my Pirate Wear was a Baroque Floral Band in Sterling Silver made by MuffinTop.

The Party Punch Bowl came from AnthroPovertie.

Skull And Cross Bones Chip Bowl from Vamp Pottery.

Special Pirate Skull Glasses were made by Fallon from FalYourPal who also hand delivered them to my house and is a wonderful lady!

New Towels for the Birthday Boy's Bathroom from MonkeyBeetle.

I made Pirate necklaces for the kids with Skull and Cross Bone Charms from the Etsy Shop BrassGoldBeads.

The bags for the Pirate Party Favors were from Green Willow.

The Party Favors were Skull Lollipops from the famed Etsy shop Vintage Confections!

And the BEST Pirate Cookies EVER came from Lori's Place whom I have previously blogged and raved about.  I was fortunate enough to meet Lori in person and she is as sweet as her cookies! A fabulous lady and a fabulous shop!

Thank you to all the Etsy Shops that contributed to making my son's Pirate Birthday Party a huge success!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rayvenwoodmanor is AWESOME!

Get to know Rayvenwoodmanor!  Muffin from the Etsy Tradeaholics group wrote a lovely article featuring Rayvenwoodmanor! Check it out at the link below:

Check out Muffin's Store also...she makes fabulous Sterling Silver Stackable Rings in any size!  Custom work is also available!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Altruistic Heroines Do Exist

While doing a simple search on Etsy I stumbled upon a shop located in Canada, had some amazing jewelry, fabulous lavender sachets, handmade cards and other terrific crafts.  When I emailed the owner to inquire if she would be interested in trading for a scarf she had listed I had no idea I would make an amazing friendship over many miles of land and sea.  

Elaine, the owner of the shop answered my inquiry and stated that she would love to trade for a pair of dragonfly earrings I had in my shop.  She explained that she and her daughter shared a love of dragonflies.  After hearing that, I went back and read Elaine's profile and discovered that a simple internet conversation can turn into so much more than just words. 

Elaine's shop is dedicated to her daughter Brynn Alexandra. Brynn was an amazing and positive thinking girl who loved all kinds of arts and crafts and planned to become a fashion designer. Everything is crafted in loving memory of Brynn. The proceeds go to her bursary (scholarship) fund, Heart Strings, so that someone may go to fashion design school or an art school program after high school graduation in memory of Brynn. According to her Mother Elaine, Brynn was always designing, crafting, drawing, painting, and writing. Sweet Brynnie, as her Mom calls her, tragically lost her life in a traffic accident in January 2007 at the very young age of 12 years old.

After finding out about Brynn, I was extremely honored to give the earrings to Elaine and I also donated several jewelry items to her cause.  When I had the honor of getting to know Elaine as a friend I realized I had met someone very special.  I cannot express how deeply I was affected not only by Elaine's tragic loss of her daughter but by her amazing drive to keep Brynn's memory alive while helping others. 

Elaine is truly a beautiful lady who I greatly admire and I am extremely privileged to know and now have a lasting connection with. She has taken a tragedy which many would never recover from, and turned it into something positive and meaningful and in my eyes Elaine is a  true altruistic heroine. 

My own son is only 18 months old and I plan to tell him one day about Elaine and Brynn because they have really touched my life.  He recently saw Shamu at Sea World for the first time and that is all he talks about.  I immediately purchased one of Brynn's cards with her drawing of Orca Whales on it and it is now in a frame in my son's room. One day I will tell him about the beautiful little girl who drew the whales.

If you shop anywhere on the internet make sure to visit Brynnalex and not only help keep Brynn's memory alive but help another child live his or her dream!

In Loving Memory of Brynn, Dec. 14, 1994 - Jan. 2, 2007 -

Monday, March 22, 2010

March Design Challenge

I am entered in the Etsy Tradeholics March contest....My piece is "March Hare" a copper and bronze bunny rabbit pendant! Please vote for Rayvenwoodmanor if get a chance! You do not have to open an account you can just click on the right and vote.....Here is the link below! Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Swarovski Crystal Bridal Bouquets

All the elements of your wedding, from the flowers to the finishing touches, should suit you in every way. The bouquet you carry down the aisle should reflect your individual taste and style and personify who you are. A bride's bouquet is the ultimate romantic statement.
If flowers are the language of love, as the Victorians believed, then today’s bride can take that one step further and expresses her sentiments -- and herself -- far beyond the iconic all-white arrangement. Create an impact with a handmade Heirloom Crystal Bouquet from Rayvenwoodmanor that is not just a lovely accessory but a work of art that's as unique as your personality and your sense of style.
The ideal time to begin thinking about your handmade Heirloom Crystal Bouquet is after you have chosen your gown and ceremony setting and/or wedding colors; this will let you select a bouquet that harmonizes with the wedding's mood and motifs.
Colors are the elements brides tend to think of first, you'll want to weigh all other aspects of the bridal bouquet, from its shape and size to such finishing accents as ribbons. That is why Rayvenwoodmanor offers a variety of colors and customized schemes for your bouquet selection. The decisions you make regarding your bridal bouquet will often set the tone for other bridesmaids bouquets, flower girl baskets and the accessories for the wedding party.
Ask yourself...what appeals to you? Do you prefer a classic motif, such as pearls and clear swarovski crystals, or a bold contrast that might come from a mix of crystal clear, blood red and tuxedo black swarovski crystals? Do you like tailored or free-form arrangements? A small bouquet or a large, striking, make a statement when you walk into the room bouquet?
Samples of colors of crystal beads, pearls, and ribbon are available on request. We can customize your bouquet with great style to capture the world the way you want it to be and transcend that feeling into your heirloom quality bouquet.
Details from the wedding itself are a rich source of ideas for your handmade Heirloom Crystal Bouquet . Color often plays the deciding role. If you've always adored orange and brown and plan to intertwine the hues into your reception decorations, you might want your bouquet to reflect the same earthy shades.
Some Brides derive their inspiration for their bouquet from the wedding location. Stems trimmed with miniature shells would be fitting for a seaside wedding celebration. For a garden wedding, you might want to add roses (fresh or silk) or pearl and crystal flowers to your handmade Heirloom Crystal Bouquet reminiscent of nature.
Perhaps a decorative detail from your gown will give rise to your handmade Heirloom Crystal Bouquet. Tiny clusters of beads in a petite bouquet could echo a beaded bodice on your wedding gown and conjoin style of both bouquet and dress, while the full and cascading look of a larger handmade Heirloom Crystal Bouquet might work well with the flowing of a long full skirt.
Sometimes the best bouquets have deep sentimental meaning. For the Victorians, various flowers and foliage symbolized different virtues or emotions. Daisies were associated with innocence and rosemary with remembrance. For the Modern Bride, colors of gemstones and crystals can take the place of flowers...
Black is the color of authority and power. Black is stylish and timeless. Priests wear black to signify submission to God.
White symbolizes innocence and purity. White reflects light and is considered a pure color.
Red is the most emotionally intense color, red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. It is also the color of love. Red will attract attention.
Pink is the most romantic color because is more tranquilizing.
Blue is the color of the sky and the heart of the ocean. Blue is one of the most popular colors and by origin causes the opposite reaction as red. Blue is peaceful and tranquil. Blue also symbolizes loyalty.
Green symbolizes nature. It is a calming, refreshing color. Brides in the Middle Ages wore green to symbolize fertility. Dark green is masculine, conservative, and implies wealth.
Yellow is an attention getter and is considered an optimistic color.
Purple is the color of royalty. Purple connotes luxury, wealth, and sophistication. It is also feminine and romantic.
Brown is solid and reliable. Brown is the color of earth.
Colors of the Rainbow can be used in combination to show strength and unity. Combining birth stones in your bouquet can symbolize the merging of two families as one. Using all the colors of the rainbow can also make a stunning bouquet for same sex marriages.
Rayvenwoodmanor will do any customizing we can to accommodate you for your wedding! Give us a photograph of your dress and/or a fabric swatch, as well as details you can provide. These things will help you communicate your vision of your Heirloom Crystal Bouquet in precise terms. Our staff has good inspiration and is well versed in proper planning and will make certain to take of your every wish. Your Heirloom Crystal Bouquet and/or accessories will be as breathtaking as the ones blossoming in your imagination and will be made to last a lifetime!

Welcome to Rayvenwoodmanor...

Rayvenwood Manor specializes in custom, handmade gothic and victorian influenced jewelry and custom Swarovski crystal bridal bouquets and unique wedding accessories tailored to your wants and desires.

Our product line consists of Custom Jewelry, Handmade Hair Accessories, Heirloom Crystal Bridal Bouquets with matching Bridal Party Accessories, Unique Swavorski Crystal Headpieces and Hair Jewelry, Cake Toppers, and custom made jewelry. Each item made by Rayvenwood Manor is exquisite and unique.

Our jewelry and bridal items have been featured in many exhibitions and galleries, and currently in various collections worldwide.