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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Magic On Etsy - The Artwork of Louisiana Artist Don Cobb

Long before Harry Potter there was already Magic In The Alley. Mary Calhoun, the writer of Magic In The Alley, is a prolific and lovely writer of children's books. Magic In The Alley is definately her very best.  Cleery, your basic kid on summer vacation, is an avid explorer of alleyways and an avid seeker of magic in any form. Her story takes place in August, when summer feels like it never has to end (her words), where she discovers a box full of magic items in an alley junk shop. With her friend Knobs, and a stuffed crow come to life, she sets off on lively magic adventures to find a way for friend Crow to be able to fly again.

This book takes the most trivial of things and makes it magic. Read from a child's point of view it is adventurous and fun. Read from an adult's point of view it brings back the magic of childhood, friendship, and summertime when you had all the time in the world to explore and play.

As I child I longed to find a magic crow and as an adult I have been searching for an icon to represent my Etsy shop, Rayvenwoodmanor. I knew I wanted a black crow of some size and style but most of all he had to have magic.

As everyone knows, when you are looking for something you never find it. I abandoned my search for a crow several months ago then suddenly while browsing on Etsy, I came across this wonderful shop DonshanArt which features artwork by the Louisiana artist, Don Cobb.  Don’s work depicts various scenes of New Orleans, the Garden district, Volkswagen Buses, Guitars, and more. 

Initially as I browsed Don’s shop I was attracted to the colorful depictions of various places in New Orleans that I myself have visited.  As I continued to look I came across the most amazing piece of artwork I have seen in literally years.  It captivated me. A crow, but not just any crow this was a  very magical crow. I could not believe my eyes!

A single silver shiny Fleur de Lis earring dangles from the crow’s mouth and is reflected in his eye.  In the words of Artist Don Cobb, “Crow finds Fleur de Lis earring on beach!  Crow's feathers are wet from walking in the surf and she has a reflection of the Fleur de Lis earring she found in her eye. The shiny earring will make great decor for her nest in the cedars.” Just when I thought it could not get any better than this, I noticed the title of the crow print, “Finder’s Keepers”

"Finders Keepers" is a matted art print, reproduction of Don’s original watercolor painting. I purchased the print framed and mounted inside a beautiful, shabby chic, acid free, Fleur de Lis mat which is handmade by the artist and encased in a 11.25 x 13.25" Distressed, shabby chic frame. The frame is an ivory color with glass front.  Don applied wooden Fleur de Lis appliques in each frame corner, then  distressed each frame himself and give it a shabby chic look.  

This magical crow print can be purchased as an 8x10" matted print or framed. Each print is signed and numbered on front with title, date on back of frame (Mine is number 63 of 250 framed prints!) Get yours now in his Etsy shop:

 When I initially spoke to Don about “Finder’s Keepers” he stated, “When I do a piece of art I try to do something that looks into your soul. It does not always work but has on a couple of things I have done. Another art I have that grabs people is "River Calf" for some reason." 

The print "River Calf" is a 10x10" art print, reproduction of Don Cobb’s original watercolor painting and is from his cows and calves art series along the Red River.

When I told Don I had to have his permission to use his crow as my icon for Rayvenwoodmanor he was kind enough to allow me to use it and told me, “I have had lots of women buyers say that they could not resist the Crow art. All of them say the same thing...'I don't know what it is but I am so attracted to this Crow and must buy it".  Don also said, “Lots of people who have bought this framed Crow say it has brought them good fortune.” Fortunately for me Don’s crow did bring me good luck and has completed Rayvenwoodmanor.

So if you are feeling lucky, nostalgic for New Orleans and its French Quarter beauty, or are simply looking for a little magic…I urge you to check out Don Cobb’s artwork and perhaps you will find what you have been looking for tucked away in a little corner of his shop.

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gabriela diana goddessOf InYourBones said...

I love his shop, he has such a magical way with the paintbrush. Thank you posting about him. Your new shop banner is wonderful.