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Monday, February 29, 2016

Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry Hits The Red Carpet At The 2016 Oscars With Actress & Fashion Writer Candy Washington

Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry is thrilled to see our Icon Necklace on the lovely Candy Washington​ last night at the Oscars. Not only is she beautiful but we are flattered this gorgeous actress and fashion writer at Actress With Style chose our piece to wear!

Get the look here:

See the piece wore by the lovely Candy Washington here!

This necklace was worn on the 2016 Oscars red carpet by actress and press/media member Candy Washington gifted to Candy by Rayvenwoodmanor Jewelry through TAG at the Primetime Emmys gifting suite! 

Perfect for every day wear, gift yourself! Perfect for day or evening transition, office to event, unique bridesmaid necklace for a modern wedding, unique best friend necklace, or a gift to say I love you.

Read more about our involvement in the GBK'S EMMYS CELEBRITY GIFTING SUITE WITH THE ARTISAN GROUP here:

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