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Monday, September 13, 2010

Pirate Themed Birthday Party Done Etsy Style

Having a Pirate Themed Birthday party for your child is easy if you plan ahead and use many great items from the fabulous shops on Etsy.  Walk the plank with me through the shops on Etsy and I will show you how I did it.

On Saturday September 11th we celebrated my son's Second Birthday.  I am sharing only a handful of the fabulous Etsy shops I used with you.  As a thank you to many outstanding Etsy sellers for helping me make it a Pirate Party to is how I did it.

First I chose invitations to invite our 40 guests!

You can find the invitations, thank you cards, and candy stickers at the Party Place on Etsy. 

I ordered a custom birthday banner from Canada's great shop...the Paper Party Design Company. 

For the game gifts I found a pirate notebook from Earmarks.

A grab and go crayon holder from Toteworthy Designs.

The For The Girls Not So Pirate Bunny Clips from Mazzy7's store on Etsy.

Pirate Treasure Map Wristlet Clutch Bags were purchased from Pic Brace Shop on Etsy. 

I got a pirate hat and eye patch from Melanie Ganson.

A fabulous, well made Pirate Costume from MainstreetX.

No Pirate is complete without a Red Coat! This one was hand made and hand sewn for my son by Photo117. 

My son's little cousin got a handmade dress to wear to the Pirate Party by AngelBellCouture. You have to meet this lady she is amazing!

Part of my costume came from Velvet Renaissance.

The other part was custom made for me by Pandora's Cardboard Box.

Topping off my Pirate Wear was a Baroque Floral Band in Sterling Silver made by MuffinTop.

The Party Punch Bowl came from AnthroPovertie.

Skull And Cross Bones Chip Bowl from Vamp Pottery.

Special Pirate Skull Glasses were made by Fallon from FalYourPal who also hand delivered them to my house and is a wonderful lady!

New Towels for the Birthday Boy's Bathroom from MonkeyBeetle.

I made Pirate necklaces for the kids with Skull and Cross Bone Charms from the Etsy Shop BrassGoldBeads.

The bags for the Pirate Party Favors were from Green Willow.

The Party Favors were Skull Lollipops from the famed Etsy shop Vintage Confections!

And the BEST Pirate Cookies EVER came from Lori's Place whom I have previously blogged and raved about.  I was fortunate enough to meet Lori in person and she is as sweet as her cookies! A fabulous lady and a fabulous shop!

Thank you to all the Etsy Shops that contributed to making my son's Pirate Birthday Party a huge success!


OpenDesertEyes said...

:D Thanks for mentioning me in your blog!!! I can't wait to see pictures of you in the dress! Everything you got is so amazing! I'm going to have to favourite half of those stores because I love me some pirates and skulls stuff!

Selina said...

Oh wow and what a party it must have been!!! Wowza!!!! And check out all the cool shops you got your awesome swag from!!! Awesome!!!

Well I am happy to see my bunnies up there and am honored to be amongst the shops. Was hoping to have the masterpiece done and to you in time but I did not want to rush it and seriously my world been a bit "hinky" the past few weeks so just know it will be extra special and a lot of care and love put into this one...I really hope you guys love it!!!

Ok Gorgeous, I am off to the studio once again:)

All My Love,


Rayvenwoodmanor said...

All the items I got for the Pirate Party are not only perfect for Halloween but also are available from these sellers:)