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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Plan 2011 With Your Favorite Etsy Shops Day Planner Diary

Rayvenwoodmanor is proud to be a part of Fantazya's Diary Project which features different Etsy Shops on each page for the whole year!  Plan your day while viewing designs created by the Etsy Shop owners and visit their websites if you are inclined to do so as the links are printed on each page!

Here is a sample of one of Rayvenwoodmanor's pages on the left side of this photograph...

Each date is designed by an Etsy shop and is printed on a quality, opaque, recycled paper. There are 2 dates in each page, 3 notes pages, 7 address pages, 12 months pages, 1 introduction pages, 1 year pages, a 2012 page, and 7 positive message design. Total: 208 pages, with 397 different designs. The cover is plain, to decorate it as you like. 
Order the Diary now by clicking the ORDER DIARY link below the picture!!

Order the diary here!  ORDER DIARY


Static White said...

What a great idea & it looks fabulous!

Rayvenwoodmanor said...

Hello everyone! I was told by a friend the picture link to order the diary does not give the shopping is the correct link to directly order it:)

Etsy said...

Hi there, I found you on Etsy forums love your blog, also love your shop on Etsy particularily your clutches, so colorful and cheery.
Have you check this site